What Dr. Oz says about 

Vitamin D supplimentation

The philosophy of TEN (Team, Effort, Network) is straight forward: "make spray vitamins that people need and make them with the highest quality ingredients."  Add a delivery system that increases absorbability and you have top selling nutritional supplements! As seen on doctor Oz, all the vitamin supplement formulations provided by T.E.N. come in spray form: D Power (vitamin D3), B Boost (vitamin B12), Slim (appetite curbing blend), and Super TEN (wellness blend). 

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"More than three fourths of all Americans are vitamin D-deficient." -John Cannell, Athletes Edge: Faster, Quicker, Stronger with Vitamin D. 
"I can say this with great certainty: Vitamin D represents the single more cost-effective medical intervention in the United States."
-Dr. Greg Plotnikoff, Penny George Institute
for health and Healing, Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis